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Aquaculture and Fishery Equipment

We specialise in the supply and installation of aquaculture equipment around the world.

From Kenya on a 50 tonne Tilapia Fish Farm to sending a simple aerator to a UK fishery we can source any equipment you need to run your fishery or aquaculture facility. Aquaculture equipment is specialist and in most cases needs to be sized to the specific fishery, lake or fish farm.

Fish Transportation Tanks
Fish transport tanks come in very different shapes and sizes. We recommend that you contact us to discuss how many fish you wish to carry, what the carrying capacity of your vehicle is and how far you wish to take the fish for delivery.

Fish Feeders
Fish Feeders12 volt fish feeders are capable of 30 feeds per day holding 40Kg of feed. Totally automatic fish feeding gives the fish small and often feeding, which results in less fish food waste, and more growth.

Among the fish feeders that we can supply are:

Bic 245 Explorer
Bic 245 ExplorerExceptionally light, solidly built, incredibly long-lasting and stable, Bic boats have built a solid reputation in the world of leisure boating.

This 3-person boat is supplied with:

  • 2 Oars
  • 3 Rowlocks, and 3 rowlock brackets
  • 1 Rope
  • Adjustable seat
  • 2-Wheel system

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Samus Backpack Electro Fisher
The best solution on the market for catching fish with electricity for the price! 10-20 times cheaper than most other models! Aquatico is the UK distributor for the SAMUS725MP, we strongly recommend this model as it is most professional and highly reliable.

Bic 245 ExplorerThis improved model is great value, and the recent modifications ensure that:

  • MP has the USA patented technology of power reduction mode 9 types depending on time 3 6 9 12 seconds
  • Automatic storage of settings in teh mmeory on 4 pages and quick switch from 1 to 4 ( s1 s2 s3 s4) pages by pressing MOD for 1 second in a cycle.
  • Automatic storage of corrected settings while fishing after 1 minute so for the future you just enter the code and have the same setting as the last time
  • Two range of Volatge U1-350 and U2-500 Volt ( doubled up on output to 760 and 1000) , It is good for high conductive waters where overloading switches.
  • 10 parts of model MP are 4 times more expensive and more powerful so the unit works more stable and on higher power levels. The radiator heats up 2 times less than before. Diodes in the bridge , transistors and capacitors are top class.

These 5 useful service functions - the device costs the same as 2 years ago and you have much better unit.

Prices: SAMUS-725MP £420.00 + £40 International Shipping Charge or £15.00 UK Delevery Charge
Delivery will include the Electrofisher SAMUS725MP along with allcables and wires. Also included is the manual and 1 year manufacturers warranty service and protection.

We don't supply the landing net as it can be easily bought cheap locally, you can make any unit electrically resistant, plus it just adds to the shipping costs! The same refers to the battery which we use- it can be a simple car battery 12 Volt or UPS 7 Ah battery or higher Ahs - it is enough for 1,5-3 hours of electro fishing in most cases. There is no sense to send accessories by expensive courier, which can be bought in a fishing shop, and 12 Volt battery is available everywhere. In case of other details required by you please do not hesitate to contact with us!

If you have any questions or would like to find out any further information on aquaculture and fishery equipment, contact us by E-mail or by giving us a call on 07807 390818.

Oxygen Monitor

Oxygen Monitors

We supply the DO1020 dissolved oxygen monitor with auto power switch to control aeration equipment.
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In addition we also supply the DO 1022 twin channel fish transport vehicle dissolved oxygen monitoring unit complete with 2 DO probes.
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