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Electro fishing for Catfish

Electro fishing is a great and simple way for sampling a lake or catching unwanted fish. Electrofishing is done by passing a current through the lake or river water, this then stuns the fish which float to the top. The fish are still very much alive and swim away after a couple of minutes. We offer electrofishing compbines with seine netting for lakes and rivers. We can also supply equipment to use on a hire or rental basis.

To Rent the Electro Fishing Equipment is £35 per day plus VAT and a £200 Deposit.

To Purchase the Electro fishing equipment is only £460 plus VAT which icludes a free demo at our fish hatcheries in Kidderminster West Midlands, where we breed and sell all of our fish (chub, barbel, carp, roach, bream, tench, ide, rudd) These fish are sold to fishing lakes for restocking.

The Electro Fishing equipment is 12 Volt power supply and can bring up fish in excess of 120lb in weight.

If you have any questions or would like to find out any further information on elctrofishing, contact us by E-mail or by giving us a call on 07807 390818.


Other Fishery Equipment

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