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Lake Netting and Fish Removal

Aquatico have years of experience with lake netting, seine netting, and fish removal from lakes and reservoirs.

How does the fish removal from lakes and reservoirs work?
Lake NettingA sample of 30 fish are taken by us to get fish health checked. If the fish health check comes back as a pass, which 99% of the time it does, we will then arrange lake or reservoir netting consent from the Environment agency.

When we have the correct paperwork we can arrange a date for the lake or reservoir netting and fish removal. The Lake or reservoir is then seine netted or electro fished using our own electro fishing equipment.

Lake Netting (Seine Netting)
Netting a lake is possible one of the hardest most strenuous jobs associated with fishing and fisheries. We have been netting lakes for over 12 Years. We have all sorts of nets from fry nets to large reservoir nets. Depending on how big the job is depends on how many man team we use to net the lake or pool. We also have fish traps to trap fish that are hard to catch.

Our lake netting technique changes dependant on which lake or reservoir we are netting. This is because netting lakes and reservoirs carries inherent risks from trees snags in the water and weed amongst other things.

Lake Netting

Lake netting is usually done every two-three years depending on the fishery or lake. Lake netting is usually done for the cropping of smaller fish ready for the restocking of new fish or for general fish removal. Whatever reason you have for netting a lake or fishery make sure you have the correct paperwork from the environment agency this can be completed free of charge if you use our netting team for your lake or fishery.

After we have netted the lakes or ponds we have the capacity to move subject to the Environment agency consents up to 2000lb of fish using our specially modified vehicle which is capable of towing 4 tonnes of fish. These fish can be transported to their new home with ease in a reduced stress environment.

Netting can also be done free and fish taken away or excess fish bought for cash.

2 Man Squad £450 per day (Plus VAT and travel expenses).
4 Man Squad £750 per day (Plus VAT and travel expenses).

If you have any questions or would like to find out any further information on lake netting and fish removal, contact us by E-mail or by giving us a call on 07807 390818.

Netting a Lake

Electro Fishing

Electro fishing is done using specialist fish equipment which sends a pulse through the water which stuns the fish they can be gathered in a net for recovery.

This technique is useful when the lake or fishery is not very deep.

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