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Lake Aeration

Pond and lakes are a valuable natural resource adding to the beauty of the landscape. They can provide recreation, and are a habitat for fish and wildlife providing an additional water source if needed. However, the good health of a pond is held in a delicate balance.

A pond's condition deteriorates when the bottom environment cannot support animal life. The bottom is the area that runs out of oxygen first, it is where the most oxygen is used and it is the farthest from the surface where it is replenished.

Without oxygen a lake or ponds self purification capability is not only reduced, it is reversed. The small animals, snails, worms, bacteria, etc., which help keep a pond clean cannot live and the pond's nutrients are then recycled from the sediment. This forms a layer of muck at the bottom which serves as a fertilizer for weed and excessive algae growth. It could also cause large fish kills.

Benefits of Pond and Lake Bed Aeration
Aeration means adding air to the water. To restore a lake to health, it is essential to get oxygen down to the lake bottom. Lake Bed Aeration not only adds oxygen to the surface water but to the water at the bottom of the lake as well. Once the lake is full of oxygen near the bottom, beneficial aquatic insect larvae, snails, fresh water shrimp, and other fish food can begin to live on the bottom and littoral zone.

Lake eutrophication begins when the BOD (Biological Oxygen Demand) of a lake cannot be met. When too much pollution enters a lake, plant and algae growth dies and sinks to the bottom, resulting in an overload of organic sludge. Lower forms of life on the lake bed die and this debris rots. Anaerobic bacteria, needs no oxygen, give off deadly poisonous gases, such as hydrogen sulphide, ammonia, and methane. These gases, as they rise through the water, unite with and bind up and dissolved oxygen remaining in the water. Fish will then die from lack of oxygen.

By pumping compressed air out onto the lake bed diffuser, the rising air bubbles bring the bottom water to the surface. Large volumes of water release pollutant gases to the air and pick up more oxygen while on the surface. If oxygen is present at the lake bed, dead organisms will not accumulate but will quickly be consumed by aerobic bacteria, thus providing for a healthier lake environment.

Aerating a lake also makes fish eat more food as the oxygen makes them more active. The aeration also causes the fish to grow at quicker rate nearly 33% faster due to the fish eating more because of lake aeration.

This has the knock on effect of more fish being caught because the oxygen makes them eat more Bait and get caught more, if you want a successful fishery, lake aeration is key. The lake aerators dont use much electric but make a lot of difference to the water quality.

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Methods of Water Aeration

At Aquatico we have a number of products that dramatically agitate high volumes of water at all levels to maximize exposure of water to the air for valuable gas exchange, greatly improving your pond or lake aeration.

Our range of Aerators and Circulators will cover a wide variety of situations for your pond, lake or fishery requirements. Our Fountains can be customised by lighting for providing a resort-like appearance to the water feature.