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Airflo Pond Aerators

AIRFLO are really four machines in one since they provides very high levels of oxygenation by introducing up to 2 cubic metres of air per minute into the water using the venturi principle, as well as good circulation, de-stratification and de-gassing

Since the motor system can be angled to point upwards or downwards and the depth varied by adjustment of the two snorkel tubes that support the motor below the float system, any one or more of these benefits can be increased so as to help the customer with his or her particular individual needs.

The units are portable, easy to install and are available in a choice of power factors, 1 hp, and 1.5 hp, according to specific type, and a choice of 220/240v single phase or 380/415v three phase.

These versatile aerators provide a simple, portable and low cost answer to water circulation and de-stratification problems, in both large and small ponds and lakes.

They can be used effectively to resolve many problems in general fish keeping and are good at helping control weed/algae and fighting the formation of ice in winter.

Please Note: These are the most reliable aerators on the market, The lake aerators we stock are made by Euro Tech. They are small easy to move around but extremely efficient in what they do.

Efficient and thorough aeration over a large portion of the water volume:
The air introduced into the water by paddlewheel method covers only a very small portion of the water area, and the air bubbles are all near the surface. Therefore, this type of aeration does not generate a large quantity of absorbed oxygen in the water. Impeller (mushroom-type) aerators produce similar results.

The Airflo submersible aerator introduces air directly into the water at depth, enough to saturate 15 cubic meters of water with oxygen every minute. At the same time, the 2800rpm propeller causes the oxygenated water to flow at least 35 meters out in front of the aerator. As the above picture demonstrates, this results in absorbed oxygen being dispersed equally over a very large portion of the water volume. The level of absorbed oxygen created is many times greater than that created by paddlewheel and impeller aerators.

Airflo Lake Aerator

Adequate circulation and destratification:
Paddlewheel and impeller (mushroom-type) aerators are only able to aerate at the water's surface. They are therefore unable to create a flow of water at lower levels. The oxygen they add to the water is limited to a small area near the surface. This often results in situations similar to that illustrated in diagram A above: aquatic animals are forced to concentrate themselves into the small areas of oxygenated water that these aerators create, competing for the limited oxygen there.

The Airflo aerators high-speed propeller creates a flow of water at depth. This works effectively to mix the different levels of water together throughout the pond. The pond water thus becomes uniform in temperature and chemical makeup at all depths and at all positions of the pond. When this flow of water is combined with the Airflo’s high oxygen-absorption rate, the result is that every area of the pond is equally hospitable to aquaculture animals. Instead of competing for oxygen in small areas of the pond, they freely swim around like in diagram B above.

Cleansing of the pond bottom and decomposition of organic particles:
The pond-bottom soil greatly affects the quality of pond conditions. Aquaculturalists know that clean pond-bottom soil is as important as clean water. Even if the source water is excellent, pollutants are created from uneaten food and waste which accumulate and settle on the bottom. This creates a layer of sediment that produces deadly gases and toxic pollutants. The most effective way to deal with this sediment is to lift it off the pond bottom and treat it with oxygenated water.

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AIRFLO Lake Aerator Air Injector

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