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Aquatic Management

Water is a very precious resource. Lakes and streams bring great financial and personal value to the surrounding land. Aquatico specialises in creating the finest lakes, ponds and streams.

Whether it is a simple backyard pond, a private fly fishing lake or stream, or a large lake of several hundred acres, our innovative yet practical approach will add the greatest value to your land. We have an expert staff and affiliates to plan, design, and create just the environment you desire.

We can assist you using several methods:

  • Simple inexpensive email or phone consultation
  • Site visits with recommendations
  • Performing a complete project design.

We can coach you through the process, or we can take the reins and do it all for you. As an incentive, your first 30 minutes of consultation are Free.

Aquatic ManagementProper design brings benefits such as larger fish, less sediment, proper temperature, clearer water, fewer nuisance weeds, greatly reduced maintenance expense and a more natural appearing environment.

There is an entire industry devoted to maintaining aquatic habitats. A great deal of this industry is generated from habitats with less than ideal construction and design. A small investment in proper habitat design, results in considerable savings of money, efforts, and risk over the life of the lake or stream. Existing habitats can also be redesigned to achieve the same benefits we offer to new construction.

We have assisted many 'do it yourself' people in their quest for a good aquatic environment. One thing we hear over and over is "I wish I would have met you people when I first built this lake. You would have saved me so much money and effort".

We hear this when people come to us after they have made their mistakes. Then we begin the costly process of repairing what they have worked so hard to build. They continue to say "I read all the books." The books rarely go into enough detail to create a high quality environment for the unique combination of circumstances on each site. An entire library and decades of experience are necessary to accomplish this.

Knowledge of habitat by itself is not sufficient for the best designs in aquatic habitats. We have worked with a wide range of trout and salmon, many of which are threatened and endangered.

Habitat design and fish stocks are matched together in order to ensure the success of your project.

If you have any questions or would like to find out any further information on aquatic management, contact us by E-mail or by giving us a call on 07807 390818.

Complete Project Design

Once in a while nature creates a perfect lake or stream. We study these very closely. After we identify missing elements in your habitat, we then compensate for the discrepancies. The result is a habitat of surprising quality.

We have the ability to improve the geology, biology, chemistry, geography, and physics of your habitat. The only challenge we have not surmounted is how to get the sun to shine more often!