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Aquatico is the UK distributor for these wide range of chemical-free aquatic weed removal products.

Long Reach Lake Rake
Long Reach Lake Rake This 36" wide Lake Rake is supplied with floats and 20' rope along with a 11' foot long 2pc handle which skims across the surface to remove weeds. Use this to rake the lake or pond bottom to remove weeds, debris or muck and is excellent for grooming a beach or shoreline. Use the float to get those floaters that the boat cuts up. The removable styrene float holds rake on surface to drag loose debris to shore. Strong, yet lightweight aluminum head has 4" teeth. The handle is 11 feet long and is powder coated aluminum handle comes in 2 separate 5.5 ft lengths. Includes 20 ft nylon rope for toss/retrieval. Weighs 4 kg.

You can add a 66" extension which makes it 16.5 feet long!. We have even heard of people adding two extensions making it 22 feet long but at that length, it really bows and bends a lot however if used simply as a skimmer with the float, it is an option that cannot be found anywhere else. A great follow up to our WeedShear Lake Weed Cutter

Price £129.00 with free UK delivery

Big Tooth Lake Rake
Long Reach Lake Rake The Big Tooth Lake Rake has 24 7.5 inch flexible plastic teeth. These teeth allow you to scour the bottom like no other rake. The 32" wide head has a hollow capped tube allowing you to fill it with sand for added weight. Includes a 5 1/2 foot handle and two 50 foot ropes which allow you to use it as a "drag" so 2 people can drag it back and forth. You can also purchase a float kit for surface work.

Price £129.00 with free UK delivery

Serrated Lake Weed Cutter
Long Reach Lake Rake Serrated 28" Wide Weed Cutter with 11' 2 piece handle removes weeds from lake bottoms. This if you want to cut weeds within your reach or are concerned about the sharpness of the WeedShear. A good tool for cutting lilly pads at the base. Sharp (use caution!) serrated steel blade easily cuts weeds and has a reversible, double sided cutting surface. Plucks and rips weeds. Blade measures 28"L x 2.5"W

Price £99.00 with free UK delivery

Lake Roto Tiller
The Roto-Tiller works by pulling it slowly and evenly through the weedy area. Rock cascades inside the housing and is jolted by the continual impact of the tines, creating a unique "gyratory" motion.(Patent Pending). The amount of weight in the housing can be adjusted to suit individual lake-bottom conditions. We highly recommend that you have a Floating Rake available after weeds float to the surface.

That's a fact it's heavy. The Roto-Tiller is ruggedly constructed of rust resistant materials i.e. double chrome steel tines, galvanized steel shaft and zinc-plated steel hardware. Measuring 6 ft wide it weighs 27 lbs when empty. After adding rock it weighs up to 80 lbs. It's easy to pull because it has a high centre of gravity that helps it to "tip" from one position to the next, the rock inside becomes a "live" load and the motion helps it to move. Each tine digs in with a static force of 10 to 20 lbs. per tine, depending on how much weight is inside.

It is steered by adjusting the rope in the direction that is desired to go. At the end of an area, the rope is flipped back over the unit to go back over the area again, it works in both directions.

The main features of the Lake Roto-Tiller are:

  • Clean areas FAST! Easy to combat noxious lake-weeds
  • Portable, easily rolls to shore
  • Environmentally friendly - no motor or chemicals!
  • Use anywhere aquatic weeds grow
  • Loosens sediment & muck allowing sand to settle and firm up
  • Short weeds float to surface, longer weeds collect on housing
  • Able to cover a larger area because you can pull behind a boat or PWC
  • Operates from land or lake
  • Works in shallow or deep water.

Price £465.00 delivery at cost

If you have any questions or would like to find out any further information on chemical-free aquatic weed removal products, contact us by E-mail or by giving us a call on 07807 390818.

Lake WeedShear

Lake WeedShear
The Weed Shear has a uniquely designed shape that allows you to throw it from the dock, shore or boat, let it sink to the bottom and retrieve it back with the 25' rope. The perfect product if you want to cut full grown weeds in a 30' radius from wherever you toss it from (or add an extension rope and toss it 35' to 40').

Cuts at the base of the weed. There is very little resistance because it slices the weeds rather than dragging them. The cutting blade width is 49" and if you are looking for a tool to cut weeds by hand - THIS IS IT.

The edges are dangerously sharp so caution must be used (Blade Covers are included with each WeedShear). The handle comes in 3 pieces with a total length of over 100". For long tosses, use the shorter, lighter handle. For long reaches into cattails or under a dock, use all of the extensions to reach 9ft. The Weed Shear comes with a hand sharpener to keep the tool effective.

Perfect for cutting long or short weeds, lily pads and with some additional work - even cut cut cattails. the WeedShear must be stored in a safe place - it will fold down and comes with blade guards because The WeedShear is Very Sharp!

Price £160.00 with free UK delivery