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Fishery Consultancy

Aquatico specialise in the management of fisheries and lakeside habitats.

Running a profitable and successful angling day ticket or club is not easy. It is every anglers dream to own their own fishery, but not many people realise the amount of work and skill that is involved in the day to day running of the fishery.

Fisheries are never an easy business to run. They take a lot of time and are physically demanding. Fisheries in the UK have had a good ride of luck with grants for building lakes, farmers can build a fishery for next to nothing but making the fishery take the correct amount of money is normally overlooked. Most normal 3 acre lake with the correct stocking and management should be taking in excess of £30000 per year.

I come from a very corporate family with a large knowledge of business and how businesses can work and progress. I have had over 5 successful businesses and from cafes to fishery management the principle is the same they have to make money.

I don’t possess all the usually college qualifications for the fishery management gurus and to be honest i don’t agree with a lot of their methods as often common sense prevails. I owned an ran one of the most sought after fisheries in the country by the time I came to sell we were at capacity and unless you booked well in advance you would not get on the fishery at all. All of our fish were looked after and the water quality was perfect.

The Future
Fisheries are becoming abundant. Anglers now have more choice. Fishery and lake owners will either have to cope with falling revenues or make the best of what they have got and make every aspect of your fishery make money. So many aspects of a fishery can be a revenue trap but fishery owners overlook them all except the £5 per day fishing ticket.

Aquatico Fishery Consultancy covers the following:

  • Design And build from land purchase to planning permission and building of a fishery
  • Excavation and landscaping
  • Planting
  • Fishery consultancy
  • Peg creation
  • Stocking
  • Aeration, water quality testing
  • Management reports and financial development
  • Website creation and maintenance
  • Netting
  • Shop or bait sales.

We do a general report for your fishery which includes a full evaluation of your current business and where you want it to be. A full business plan of action will be drawn up for you to follow to start maximising your potential.

All this for only £450.00 (plus travel costs from South Yorkshire).

I have over 15 years experience with fisheries and business. I worked for Severn Trent Water for 2 years as a water bailiff and water manager it was here I learnt the majority of the skills needed for fishery management and consultancy.

I then purchased a Fishery; I took a very run down company barely making profit to earning high end six figure sums. I also doubled the price of the fishing making it one of the most expensive fisheries in the Midlands the anglers still came from as far away as Glasgow.

How did I do this? The first and most important thing is management, fisheries don't run themselves. Time after time I heard "It must be good to own your own fishery, you can fish when ever you want" If this is what you truly believe leave this site now because in 4 years I have picked my rods up once. Fishing is something you do not have time to do. Running a profitable and successful angling day ticket or club is not easy.

The correct advice is a must for the fishery to be successful it is not just a case of throwing the fish in the pool and as if by magic anglers will be rolling up to fish your pool. All fisheries like businesses have to make money, for a fishery to make money it has to have the correct management and vision. Luckily for me I am experienced in both fisheries from construction to day to day operations.

Most fishery consultants have plenty of book knowledge but practically no business sense on how to implement a new fishery or make it tick. It is a dog eat dog world in the fishery business, it will become apparent in the next few years that the best will survive. It's your choice, you can run with your business and live the dream with the right knowledge and expertise your fishery will be profitable.

We hope you will find the information on this website both helpful and interesting and if you have any questions or would like to find out any further information, contact us by E-mail or by giving us a call on 07807 390818.

Our Experience

Some of the large Companies we deal with from fish stocking to design and build:

  • British Waterways West Midlands Division
    Fish Stocking of Canals and waterways.
  • Four Seasons Fishery
    Designed and built Oxygen aeration system for the lakes. Advised on running and day to day tasks. Designed and built fish hatchery for the breeding of their own fish.
  • Wydale Honda
    Design and consultancy for new fishing Development in the North.
  • Whiston Hall Golf and Country Club
    Design and build new fishery in Derbyshire.
  • Sea Turtle
    100 Tonne Tilapia Farm in Kenya designed and implemented equipment for fish farm design and build.